Tales from OmniPark

18 Strange Stories of a Theme Park That Might've Been

Tales from OmniPark
A great book of weird fiction.”
“Couldn’t put it down.”
“Stories that will inspire wonder and dread. “
“Echoes the magic that has reverberated through my entire life.”

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Featuring brand-new exclusive fiction by Brian Evenson, Gemma Files, Orrin Grey, Jesse Bullington, and many others.

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From 1977 to 2003, OmniPark thrilled, astonished and educated guests of all ages.

…or did it?

While some cynics claim our beloved Texas theme park never truly existed, 18 of today’s greatest weird-fiction authors remain convinced it did — and we’ve written all-new original stories to prove it!

Join us as we journey back to the Seven Realms:

Each story in this anthology reimagines OmniPark folklore in unique, startling ways.

In these stories you’ll meet sentient sea creatures, time-traveling siblings, creeping cosmic horrors, mad inventors — and a full cast of equally memorable characters.

You’ll travel to alternate universes, distant solar systems, ocean trenches, paradoxical dimensions, and dozens more realms of the fantastic.

Along the way, you’ll discover for yourself why OmniPark remains vibrant in our thoughts and memories — and alive and well in our hearts.

1986 OmniPark Guidemap