Back 2 OmniPark

Back 2 OmniPark Front Cover
15 never-before-seen tales of cosmic horror from Jonathan Maberry, Laird Barron, Hailey Piper, Brian Evenson, Kristi DeMeester and many more masters of the macabre.

Are you brave enough to enter the world’s weirdest theme park?

Government conspiracies     Dimensional portals     Sentient fungi
A haunted house     Time travel      Monsters     Aliens

Each story in this anthology reveals more of OmniPark’s secret and terrifying history.

How did globe-trotting oil billionaire Dalton Teague meet his wife and co-founder Evelyn ⁠— and what did they get up to on their clandestine travels to hostile deserts and jungles? What went on in the top-secret VIP area known as the “Realm Between the Realms?” What was it like to work with the original team of Technosophers? How did the Realm of Mind go so disastrously wrong? What is the true and ultimate purpose behind OmniPark?

OmniPark Guidemap 1986

This anthology reveals the secret history of OmniPark – exploring all Seven Realms: